Thursday, 31 March 2011

Too much or not enough?

I often think I might be a bit obsessed by oilcloth, the smell and feel of it, the vibrant colours and beautiful patterns, the sound it makes when you cut through it quickly with a pair of scissors.. schooooooooh.. Erm, you see what I mean! Anyway, in the past I have joked about wallpapering with oilcloth and now I have come across this picture and I'm seriously considering it again! How cool is this?

More from our talented customers..

We love it when you get in touch to tell us and show us what you have been getting up to with our oilcloth. Thank you to Dianna for sharing pictures of the fabulous wallets you have been making. I love how the pattern matches up on the clasp, so clever! For more details check out her lovely blog.